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Hi all,

I am very new to gardening as we lived in a flat before. We have moved into a house which the garden needs some tlc when we moved in the bamboo was about 8-10 foot tall I have cut it down to about 2 foot now in preparation to get rid of it but after a lot of researching I have worked out that it is a nightmare to get rid of it! Does anyone have any good ideas on the best way to get it gone. 



  • The most effective method of removal of bamboo is to dig out the entire root and rhizome mass as thoroughly as possible, including fragments. To make the job easier, water the area deeply a few days before digging. Start on the outside of the clump or grove and work your way inward. The roots generally do not grow deeper than 6-18 inches and you usually can chop them into chunks and pull them out piece by piece. 

    Sounds like a big job so get those sleeves rolled up and good luck! Ant 

  • SazacSazac Posts: 14

    Thanks Ant!

    its a mammoth task and was looking for a easy way but I seem to be coming across the dig it out option quite a lot looks like a job for this weekend! I'm glad the roots don't go too far deep image although it does seem to be spreading around the garden a bit! I think the garden may take a bit of battering in the process too! Fingers crossed image 

    Im going to dig and hope image

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  • I dug out some bamboo last year and it was an absolute killer. I ended up breaking my spade in half. The only way I could do it was to buy something which I think is commonly known as a 'Fencer's Grafter'. It is like a long handled all metal spade with a narrow head. It is the thing that contractors use when digging holes for fence posts.

    It set be back about £30 from the local fencing supplies place. I think you will struggle to find one at a garden centre or DIY store. It is however almost unbreakable and so worth considering if you want to keep your other tools in one piece.

    It was however still incredibly hard work and so, unless you are up for a challenge, it may be worth scanning the classifieds in the local paper. Lots of brawn and little brains required.

  • SazacSazac Posts: 14

    Hi Rainwater Fanatic,

    im going on a mission this weekend to dig it out funny enough my dad gave me one of those which he borrowed from a friend so fingers crossed I have all the right tools image

    Wish me luck image

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    Hi Sazac

    We inherited bamboo when we moved to this house. We used a combination of digging, digging and yet more digging using garden forks / spades and pick axes (I can see that the kit used by Rainwater Fanatc would be good as well). I think the overall dimensions of the rootball / rhizome mass eventually turned out to be about 4 metres by 3 metres. We also used glyphosphate as soon as little bits started to show their heads above ground.

    It was a bit of a nightmare but we did defeat it in one season with a bit of help from our neighbours. The bamboo had spread under the fence and was lifting their patio so they lifted the patio and dug and sprayed for a whole season like us (bless them).

    Just the odd bit sprouting in the second season which was easy enough to pull out / dig up.

    Good luck - it's worth the effort - I hate the stuff!!!

    Heaven is ... sitting in the garden with a G&T and a cat while watching the sun go down
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    I would spray it with a strong root killing weedkiller first so the plant takes it in and kills the roots. You will never be able get every liitle piece of root out, there wiill always be roots etc under the ground waiting to sprout again. If you give the weedkiller a few weeks to work first it will hopefully stop any regrowth. Also it will make it easier to eventually dig out as the roots will be weak and starting to rot.

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