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Silver birch replacement

TimMTimM Posts: 1

Some twenty years ago, a previous owner planted seven silver birch trees in front of our house [see pofile picture]: two behind the beech hedge are already dead; two look very sad and three are struggling on - the two against the house seem to be slightly happier.  I have removed one dead tree and am about to remove the other.

Does anyone have any recommendations for replacements?  I was thinking of putting three columnar prunus amanogawa (Japanese cherry) trees in place of the trees behind the beech hedge.

We live 2km from the sea and the wind is generally from the south west and regularly quite strong.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,792

    I fear strong winds will strip any cherry blossom in minutes, if not seconds.

    According to the RHS plant selector the best trees for an exposed coastal site facing south or west are all pinus or some other conifer or an alder.  Not inspiring.  

    I suggest you have a look at what is growing well in your neighbours' gardens and also check out Tamarisk which turns pink and is often recommended as being able to cope with coastal winds.


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