Make do and mend

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Verdun suggested this thread;

Use an old mini plastic greenhouse that has lost it's cover as a climbing frame for beans, or even for clematis? It will need to be lashed down with guy ropes or similar.

I use large pieces of polycarbonate from a friend's roof as


to place over big pots of germinating carrots etc

to warm up the earth



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    I have an old aluminium tomato house that lost it's fron panels/doors and could not get replacements, it is now

    a shelving unit in the greenhouse for trays

    a climbing frame in the summer for cucumber.

    I took the thin polycarbonate back and top off, cut them and use them as end pieces for cloches mentioned above.

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    Verdun, since the wind blows from the S/W a lot up here that explains the old socks in my gardenimage

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    Verdun,if youhave any old jumpers you could cut them up and use them to line hanging baskets,not sure if your old socks and underwear will do.

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  • I wear any clothes that are worn out generally, as my gardening clothes. I have to admit that I wear them to bits on the garden, as no-one else can see me.image And then they go straight into the bin.

    The frames from my old plastic greenhouses, sans covers, make good staging in the greenhouse and I have another in the garage for all my sundries,small tools, paint brushes etc. Another has my dahlias, in pots, on it while they wait to be planted out

    By the way you can get replacement covers for some greenhouse... just ask at the GC where you bought it and if they don't have one, ask for the name of the supplier who can probably send you one at a small charge.

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    Most of my Garden seems to be make do and recycle my raised bed was a pallet painted over with some fence paint left over from the landlord painting his fence. The rocks i used for borders mostly came from the topsoil which was free from a site. The gravel is from some excess that was dumped in an entrance to a field. Many of the plants are reduced to clear or grown from seed. The kerbing was recycled when the 2 bits of lawn were joined up to make one j shaped lawn. My greenhouse got some of the angled joints replaced with tubes from a mini green house and very few pots are housing their first plant.

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    I've got some old wooden pallets that in Summer live behind the shed. In Winter I put them on one of GH floors and stand overwintering plants on them. I like to think the air under them helps & when watered they don't stand in it. I have only got a small amount of staging for small plants, as it gets in the way when toms & cumbers need the space. Hubby keeps "eyeing" the pallets with a view to making something..he watched too much Geoff Hamilton.

    Currently my potting station is in the greenhouse, part of a pallet resting on three large upturned plantpots. I sit there on my little stool (kneeler thing) and pot away happily and end up with back ache.

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    KEF do you mean you don,t end up with backache?

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    No I get backache, sitting there like a garden gnome. Perhaps I should have mentioned my potting station on DAFT things thread.

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    The ideas not daft, its just it would be more suited to very short people,perhaps those with pointed ears and fishing rods!image

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    image This forum gives me so many laughs.  Nice one Gilly.

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    imageimage It,s good to laugh,brightens up the day.imageimage

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    I use ex plastic greenhouses as shelves to store all my pots in my work area.   I sue the ex door flap of a bigger one to protect the back of OH's new car when I go on plant raids.

    We recycled empty wine bottles to make a wall to sit on and retain earth at the back of our terrace.  That always gets interested comments when people come.   We've used old pallets and offcuts from floorboards to make 3 big compost heaps with removable fronts.

    I've painted old galvanised laundry tubs found in flea markets.  One is black and gold and holds ice and beers when we have a party.  Another is red and gold with stencilled gold snowflakes and Xmas trees to hold the Xmas tree and another is waiting to be painted up and be used as a pot holder.

    Old clothes get recycled as gardening clobber till they really haven't got the will to hold together any more.

    The Vendée, France
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     Photo of big cloche, half polycarbonate half spare piece of tempered glass from greenhouse


     Detail of very sophisticated fastening involving bamboo and wire


     Bean wire mesh used to keep the dratted pigeons off peas.


     Homemade plant stand for herbs by back door


     Staging that I made from treated wood for g/h much cheaper than ready made, £43 for 8' length.

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    Artjak are you available for hire?

    What I also do is "harvest" my Arundo Donax and use it as well as bought canes..I'm saving the thickest & longest for the top of a pergola when we finally build or buy one. We "gathered" some in Greece from a dry river bed for our friends who have it on their pergola,( In Greece...didn't bring it home )  it's on a very windy but sunny roof terrace and it's still fine, secured with wire, 5 yrs later.

    I also thin out my black bamboo and use them as pea sticks.

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    I made staging for the GH from a really cheap special offer shelving unit from a French supermarket. The extra staging for baby plants in the spring is cheap planks of wood on cheap metal trestles that I take down when the plants go in the cold frames to make room to plant the tomatoes. The cold frames are made from cheap building blocks with air holes in them, lined with polystyrene.


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    Right Busy that's you and Artjak needed here, pronto.

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    I use old net curtains to protect brassicas from cabbage whites, and secure them to the supports with clothes pegs.

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