Box plants in Containers

To my shame I have neglected some box plants in containers.  They are far from green and are rather yellow.  Can I save them by transplanting into the border and what might a good feed be for them? I would like to give them (and me) a second chance!


  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,032

    Planting them in a border soil is probably the best, but depending on how long they've been in the containers & how big they may be could make the job of digging out a large enough planting hole quite a task.

    I've got 2 quite elderly box plants in containers that do need repotting. Instead I have removed a couple of inches of the top of the old compost & replaced it with new stuff- mine in this case, but John Innes no3 for permanent plants would be the best if you have to buy it in.

    I'll also take some cuttings in June, when I do the trim & that gives me new plants for when I do need to replace the originals. J.

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