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Any Ideas as to how I can get rid of several very large ferns that are growing out of the stone walls in my garden.  I have tried digging them out but the just come back even bigger and better than ever.  Any weed killers that work on them.  Don't like using them but needs must if I am to get rid of them.  One has even grown at the edge of the pond and is pushing the slate edging up. 


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,994

    As long as they are not bracken, they are very susceptilbe to tranlocatable weed killers. Bracken a bit more difficult and often needs more than one application.

  • Thanks for info. Definitely not bracken, will try weed killer.

  • Berghill.  Have just googled Translocatable weed killers, but can't find anything specific, do you know of a trade name at all, Like Roundup of Verdone?image

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