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seedling help?

Hi im new here and pretty new to gardening.  We have just got an allotment and I thought I would start the seedlings off at home in pots/trays.  

We left them out in the garden, but Im wondering if it was too cold this last week as the only ones that have come up are the lettece.  

The seedlings that have not come up are tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, onions and a few others!!!

I have now moved them into the kitchen, after being out side for just over a week, and was wondering if there was any hope left for them, or whether I should scrap it all and start again?  

I feel a bit lost!  If anyone can help that would be great 




  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Lisa, seeds need warmth and with some that also means cover either a plastic lid or a plastic bag over them, the compost should be moist not wet.
    It is late for some of those seeds although you could still get a result. take a walk through a Garden Centre they would be selling off plants on the cheap rack now if they have any left, just start earlier next year with some heat and shelter.
    I have a greenhouse and a sand bed with warming cables to start things off although this year it all started much later than normal, I saw this morning my Tomato's have flowers on them so although a month late you can see they are well on from seed.
    This is a friendly board so do not be afraid to ask we are here to help as to the seeds put them somewhere warm and keep them just damp, I water seed trays from the bottom up, stand the tray in water for a few minutes, then see what comes, quite often they can take time to germinate. Who knows if we have a warm Autumn you could be eating your harvest when all ours have long gone.


  • lazy gardenerlazy gardener Posts: 317

    No a lot of good news

    You have started sowing far too late-and even so outside the things you sowed will never germinate -too cold-well tomatoes, peppers and courgettes anyway

    To get anything for this year you will need to buy in plants now -the only solution

    Honestly I think you are trying to do run before you can walk by taking on an allotment with little knowledge of how or what to grow.

    An allotment is a big commitment -have you the time?

    I also feel you need to do a bit of homework or ask lots of advice

    At this stage you are are going to be disheartened but you are going about in this in the wrong way

    Sorry to be brutal-but a sense of reality is needed

    Have you never gardened before?

  • Lisa  WardLisa Ward Posts: 20

    Thanks for your reply Frank.  I will see what happens, and maybe a quick trip to homebase garden section.... !!!  I knew I left it late. 

    I think maybe I should research some other plants that are ok to start growing now.



  • Lisa  WardLisa Ward Posts: 20

    Hi Lazy Gardener!

    Thanks for the sense of reality, but I will decline.  I don't think I should be unable to accept my allotment just because I am a beginner.  I have grown successful courgettes, tomatoes and lettuces a few years back, so I am not a completely clueless wonder, I just couldnt remember how long they took to germinate.  And saying that I did start earlier and kept them indoors. 

    I have a lot of books, a lot of determination and a lovely strong husband who is more than willing to dig.  So I don't think we are being silly by attempting to start growing fresh food for us and our three small children to benefit from.

    Everyone at the allotment has been very helpful and friendly and praised us on clearing nearly a quarter of the patch from overgrown disaster to completely lovely brown earth. 

    I think the only thing that needs brutal treatment is my weeds at the allotment...


  • lazy gardenerlazy gardener Posts: 317

    Ok-had grown in the past,had all those books, a seed packet with the information but still stuck them outside to germinate

    Not saying you should not have an allotment-but it is clear your knowlege is limited-so running before you can walk

    But good luck anywayimage

  • Lisa  WardLisa Ward Posts: 20

    Thanks, but I came on here for advice, not a lecture from someone who has no clue what else I am dealing with while i 'still stuck them outside to germinate', as you so politely put it. 

    I don't think it is necessary to be rude to people who ask for advice.  If it bothers you that I have limited knowledge then use your time to 'help' someone else.

  • Lisa  WardLisa Ward Posts: 20

    by the way, all my kids ran before they could walk - best way to be in my book image

  • Lisa good for you (I feel as though you should get some encouragement now) image

    What does it really matter if things don't go to plan this year anyway? Unless you were depending on the food, it's supposed to be fun! I'm very much in the 'don't take it too seriously and come on here to ask when confused' camp. You're doing a good thing showing your kids where food comes from.

    I'm going to start some butternut squash and carrots soon which I think should be fine and surely you can do spinach or other salads. All of those are pretty fast growing I think so good for kids??

    I'm sure you can buy some tomato plants from somewhere - if you're in Oxford you can have some of mine! My lunatic fiance has grown 60 big plants, many of which are starting to flower now, and we only need 12!




  • Oh, someone on here suggested I start off some nasturtiums when I was asking about flower seeds to sow outdoors now. I think they climb and are, apparently, edible!

  • Lisa  WardLisa Ward Posts: 20

    Hi Paperflowers, thanks so much for the encouragement!  my lettuce is growing so that's one good thing.  And I did read that you can sow carrots every 2 weeks now for a continuous supply through summer?

    Perhaps all is not lost for me!!

    Not near oxford, otherwise I would gladly have accepted, thanks anyway!

    Thanks for tip about nasturtiums!!

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