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My primula a are coming to an end can I keep them for another year.  If so what do I do with them?  I also have some violas can I keep those.  I know this seems petty but I don't want to throw plants away unnecessarily


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    They are both perennial, but may not flower so well the next time. Either leave them where they are or move to a corner out of the way once they've finished flowering. The violas can be cut right down, given a feed and they should grow back and will probably produce more flowers later this summer. They are usually treated like annuals and discarde because people want to make room for summer bedding.

  • I cut the spent flowers off my Primulas and they just keep going you can also split them in the Autumn to increase your stock of them nothing better than free plants,  if you do that cut off the flower stalks as they will die back anyway then next year will bounce back with gusto,  the Violas will as BL says carry on flowering they should flower even through the winter months as they are gutsy little things,  I don't like throwing plant's away either so will move them to another spot in the garden just to see how they grow.

  • Does anyone know how much direct sun they would need once moved? Tempted to move my primroses to a corner of the garden that gets little, if any, sunshine and then move them back next year....

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    Primroses usually prefer a bit of shade PF image

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  • Oh. Mine are basking in sunshine at the moment image I thought that was why they were flowering so well and for so long!

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    I have found that the primrose family flower in both shade and sun .I n direct sun they do go a bit floppy . Once they have had a drink in the cool of the evening they perk up ..

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