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Could anyone tell me what is wrong with my Star Jasmine. The leaves  are turning brown and falling off, even the small amount of new growth it has put on has turned brown. I bought it two and a half years ago, and its in a large pot against a wall where it is sheltered from harsh winds.I feed it fortnightly in the  spring with Tomorite which usually encourages it to put on lots of new growth.but nothing i do seems to be working, its looking a  very sorry site.It has always looked very healthy up until this Spring. do you think its the awful weather we have been having that has caused this. Have uploaded a couple of pics.for you to see. Any advice would be apreciated, many thanks Elizabeth.






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    I have a Star Jasmine which turned brown last winter and most of the leaves fell off, but during the summer it made a lot of new growth. At the moment it's old leaves are going brown, but it's making new green ones. I live in France so it's probably warmer here, but the winter of 2011/12 was very cold down to -17°. So I think it is probably the weather which is affecting yours and it will buck up if and when it gets warmer.

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    Fortnightly feeding is a lot, Elizabeth. Mine, in a pot like yours, gets a feed in spring and a couple more during the year. They will shed their older leaves. New growth going the same way sounds like more of a problem.

  • Just had another look at it, and i  can see some tiny new shoots coming , so will wait and see how they do,if they also go brown then i will have have a look at the roots to see if there is a problem there.So fingers crossed it might pick up..Will also stop feeding it so much, dont want to kill it with kindness lol! Many thanks to you both for your good advice.x

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    i am having the same problem. Do you think prunning will help?

  • I think I read somewhere they dont like windy spots

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