Hardy annuals

hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,293

Hi everyone,

Got several cornflowers and corncockles that have been potted on once and now are becoming large plants. They live outside on the table.  I don't really want to pot on again as I'm running out of space and I could do with their little pots............I'm thinking it's alright to plant out now?



  • I've started planting stuff out and will keep my fingers crossed.

  • LoreaLorea Posts: 81

    I planted my cornflowers out a few weeks ago hollie, and they've survived some dreadful weather, even frost. They were a bit static, but have started to put on considerable growth over the last week. 

    I planted out loads of other stuff last weekend, and I'm hoping for the best, even though that horrid weather front you'll be getting in the UK is heading down to us this week! image

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,293

    Thanks bothimage They have really taken off so will be planting them out this week

    It's been a lot like April showers here Lorea

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