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Fruit and veggies on parade!

Today here in my town in The Netherlands we have the 55th annual fruit parade.

That's a huge event which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Here is a video from the local news from last year's event.

And this is what things look like just around the corner from my house at the moment.

I'd better get ready for my guests, who will come to watch the parade.image

I hope the weather will remain dry today!



  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 22,729

    Wow, what a massive amount of work. Like Mardi Gras for fruit! Those swans look rather scary.image

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • The Dutch do it so much better! Lovely pictures. Does the whole town get involved? Visited Waasenaar in June and was amazed at the roundabout displays and people's gardens,  absolutley beautiful. Have a great day, wish I was there!

  • Wow Kleipieper what a display! image I'm not surprised you have guests over to see! Its so vibrant and fresh image I hope the weather is kind to you all, have a lovely day! image

  • Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! image

    It was an impressive parade, as usual, and the weather cleared up just in time. We had a huge shower at around 11.30, but by the time the parade started, at 13.00 the sun was trying to peek though the clouds.

    Linny89, Aaahh, Wassenaar. 'm afraid that isn't really representative for the rest of the country. image Wassenaar is a rather posh place where many diplomats who work in The Hague have their homes. Nice place though. I'm sure you liked visiting it. image 

    Did you visit The Hague too? I love The Hague! image

    The fruit parade isn't just a thing for the town, but for the whole region. Every float is built by people from another town or village in the region around Tiel and there is a special category for youth floats as well.

    It's really a kind of competition between the various towns and villages to find out who has the best float and this year's winner was the little town of Buren.

    Here is the video of yesterday's parade.

    I love those two giant walking cherries, who are honorary citizens of our town. And I hugely admire the people inside them, who don't just have to walk around in those heavy disguises, but they also have to do it on wooden clogs!

    Thanks again for your lovely comments, and enjoy the video! image

  • That is one awesome parade, great turn out! Lovely that the kids take part too image the scarecrows are great and it's amazing how much produce is being used on each detail on the floats! Hope your guests enjoyed too! 

    Ah that's a shame I thought they would have them all through the towns, everywhere around Wassenaar was/seemed beautiful! We only made one trip to The Hague but my god what a wonderful city! Couldn't get over the architecture, the shape/angles on some buildings make you feel so disorientated! Will definitely visit again image

  • Good morning Linny89,

    Glad to hear you liked The Hague! image

    It's is my absolute favorite city here in The Netherlands. I really hope you'll manage to vsit The Hague again one day, because it's definitely worth it!

    Yes, the fruit parade was lovely. They start designing the floats for next year almost immediately the parade is over and next January they'll start welding and soldering the metal frames together.

    In March they start covering the frames with a kind of paper mash and after that they start sticking the produce on. First the dry stuff like peas, corn and beans, and later the fresh fruit and veggies.

    Great way to promote the fruit and vegetable region of the country. image

    Have a lovely day! image

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