I have over-Wintered three Strelitzia plants (grown from seed last year) in the bathroom and now Spring has arrived there are some brownish blotches on the leaves which I have sprayed with a fungicide. The growing point looks healthy also the stems and the compost is moist but not soggy. I re-potted the plants once they started into growth this Spring.

Does anyone else grow these and have they had similar problems? Any idea what the pest or disease is please? There is no sign of visible insect life that I have noticed.


  • I am answering my own post - how is that for dedication. I finally hacked off the sickly leaves and the plants have grown away merrily during the Summer with a good complement of leaves on each but no flowers as yet. I believe it takes about five years on average but I may just get lucky this coming year. I t looks as if they will all need re-potting in the Spring and I believe that it's possible to plan off-sets during potting on, assuming there are any, and presumably I will be able to pass these on if it happens. At least they look healthy enough at present.

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    I'm impressed that you grew them from seed! I've got one I bought as a small plant at least 5 years ago which has grown much bigger but has never flowered so I'd love some tips on how to persuade it to. I believe they're more likely to flower if they're pot bound and mine is in a largish pot which it is still growing into so perhaps that's the reason.

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    I have continued to over-winter these indoors and the foliage looks a lot healthier now possibly thanks to some judicious sprayng with organic insecticide and keeping them sparingly watered. The roots are emerging from the base of 8" pots and I have tried trimming these off to see if root cutting propagation is possible. I will probably have to pot them on come the Spring and I have about three feet of foliage on most of them.

    I believe they usually take about five years to flower - according to the R.G.S. and Hessayon anyway but it should be worth the wait.

    Sorry for the long delay in responding to you but I only visit this site occasionally and do not necessarily look at all the blogs. 

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