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mystery chrysalis

Hi all

Can anyone help me out with identifying something that may or maynot be a pest? I found two of my very young red hot poker's leaves stuck together to make a cosy nest for a chrysalis. It has a yellow/brown body with a very smart, emerald green head end and developing wings. I don't want to squish it unless it's something unhelpful.


 It's not a great image but hopefully you can make out the critter at right angles to the leaf image



  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    a bit hard to tell it may be a moth,there is one that is very colourful and a beautiful thing sort of pink and green.just let it be .image

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    Why dont you put the entire piece in a jam jar  , a piece of paper  on top with holes in  but not too big holes . I use a bodkin needle or equivelant  .secure with a rubberband  and put it in a dry but sunny place . maybe in a green house, shed ,, somewhere dry outside , or depending what you think   maybe the window sill . . What  ever it turns out to be it is left for you to decide wether to let it go into the garden  or squish it !  It is very intresting to watch a chrysalis turn into a moth or butterfly specialy if you have  small children !


  • Pamela14Pamela14 Posts: 54

    Thank you! I was a bit concerned when I couldn't find it even on google images image. Maybe it's a pupa instead - hmmm.

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