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Plant Reproductive Material Law

John DohJohn Doh Posts: 1

Please have a look at the link and add your voice to protest -

I'm not sure if I'm posting the right place or not, please move this post to the best area.

To put it dramatically ,in the original proposal, all seed stock in Europe will be illegal, unless it is registered and controlled by the EU. The registration process, of course, will be too expensive for any normal gardener and most smaller seed stock businesses.

We growers should be made aware of this less than delightful propose piece of EU legislation. Although it has been watered down somewhat, changes may well be made at a later stage. 

Although it has been amended - please do not be fooled the danger is far from over. The main changes mean that individual growers can save and share seed without registration and companies with less than ten employees can do the same. The danger is; all this can be amended at a later date, with no further consultation or appeal. If you can see the danger this bill raises - then please do something about it. You can find your local MEP here

Thanks for reading.

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