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Inspiration needed! :)

Hi folks,

Im new to this site and honestly, quite new to gardening!! My wife and I bought our house with an already mature but quite badly kept garden, which we are slowly trying to bring into some kind of order! Weve recently removed an old arbour/seat from a corner of the garden and replaced it with a 7ft hexagonal gazebo/summer house, and as you will see from the photos weve mounted it quite high to allow for a step at the front. At the minute we are seeking some inspiration for what to do to 'fill-out' the gap at each the side of the gazebo, initial thoughts were to create a sloping rock garden using some rocks I found lying around, but being honest I have no clue about plant selection!!

Ideally we would like something which will create an inviting area in the corner with plenty of colour but I am open to suggestions image. The area itself gets the sun in the late afternoon/evening but would be reasonably shaded during the day. Any photos would be great!!!






  • Hi GW.I'm no expert- there are much better gardeners on here than me. I would think that a flowerbed with anything that grows high enough would grow up beside it. I like your idea of rocks but have no idea of what to suggest to plant in it.

  • GnomeyGnomey Posts: 11

    A great looking gazebo that. Do you still have it? You could put some standing lights like the solar powered LED lights and some decking around it. That's what I'd do anyway. image

  • you could do a rockery with alpine plants maybe? they can be rather small but they do look pretty! I'm also a fan of nasturtiums in hanging baskets. 

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