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Hedgehog spotted

My security light came on last night as the steam from the boiler kicked in.

low and behold i saw a large object on the lawn, looked again and a little nose popped up.

tried to get the wife to see but the light went out.  so ventured quietly into the garden but he was gone.  the cats obviously knew something was out there.

i knew we had good wildlife in our garden, bats circle every night at dusk etc but didnt think hedgehogs bothered with us.  I knew they could get in but unsure they could get out another way.

so anyway, as the wife loves the little things i feel i should build a house and a shelter for them to feed that the cats wont get to.  nice over grown section at back of garden away from my bonsai and japanese garden.

im now looking for wooden crates or boxes cheap.. not as easy

would also like to have some sort of night camera but i expect that wont be as easy or cheap.  but would be great to see the bats and hedgehogs at night


anyone live the hedgehog house life and have any tips?





  • just spotted this great thread, great info


    i maybe busy this weekend but not really finding a decent solution for a wooden box for the home.  feel i need to do quick if any need a place to hibernate

    im thinking the home put in the overgrown garden bit but that i can still access if need to and a couple of metres away a feeding box.  would prefer to put across the lawn so may see them walk across etc in an ideal world

    always nice to see them but not really practical





  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,959

    Marc - Dove has a resident hedgehog in her garden - she's a regular contributor to the forum but is on holiday just now. She'll be able to give you plenty of advice. Her hog visits her patio at night for his tea, and hibernates in a purpose built home in   her garden image

    I think some people find just piling stuff up in a corner works well too. They just need a dry, snug little place. I'm sure others here will have some tips they can offer image

    They won't be hibernating for a while yet, so perhaps putting food out each night will help to keep him visiting. Someone here will correct me if I've got that totally wrong. 

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,288

    Spike , and his/her chums, come to me every night now. 

    Waitrose chicken cat food. He/ she/ they love it.

    Dove is indeed on holiday , she left here 2 hours ago. She's lovely ,and OH too. 

  • thanks

    yes i spent few hours researching and will build a house asap but will aim for feeding this weekend

    hopefully my 2 cats wont cause an issue


    would be nice to setup so can see visiting but im very precise on how things look in my garden... neatness lol

    so the feeding will prob be at back of garden next to water butt and not too far from the home.  they could walk between and i would probably never see


    ill post some pics of what i setup and where.  



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,288

    Marc, my "feeding station" is a squirrel trap, sorry to those who object, with the door blocked open and I put the saucer of food right inside so the neighbours' cats don't get inside.

    I'm hoping mine hibernate under a large conifer hedge at the side of the garden.

  • im just thinking a large plastic box with lid (weighed down) and cut a hole and put the food at the furthest corner away, keeps it dry inside also


    cats wont be able to reach and they sleep most the night anyway

    do you see them everynight or just know they have visited? and when do they come out, from dusk onwards? my night light is motion detection but doesnt go that far up the garden

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,288

    that'd work fine Marc,

    I just like to watch mine , bless'em.

  • yeah im not sure i will be able to watch, garden is pitch darkness unless the light comes on

    and the planned area will be at the back of the garden, unless i have a rethink on food area being closer

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,288

    mine is on the terrace outside the breakfast room doors. I keep a torch on the breakfast table so I can check them out.

  • cool

    outside my windows is my bonsai area on display so that has priority and then next to it is my baby daughters new summer lodge.  after some shrubs would then have to be hedgehogs area

    so maybe not see them but be nice to know they are eating, visiting and maybe sleeping

    but i can see the bats circling the bonsai bench at dusk

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