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What veg to grow in my partially shaded greenhouse?

Hello.  I have a greenhouse at the side of my house.  It's in a bit of a silly location (I didn't put it there!) but having said that, there isn't really anywhere else for it right now. Anyway, it gets nice and warm but doesn't get much direct sunlight - probably no more than a couple of hours a day.  So my question is what should I use it for?  I've tried tomatoes and they just don't really work. I always get lots of green tomatoes so great for chutney but not much else!  Cucumbers seem to work well and of course it is great for growing seeds in until they are ready to go into the vegetable beds.  However, there must be other things I could use it for in the prime growing season.  Does anyone have any good ideas?  I would love to fill it full of something that likes warmth but not direct sunlight.  Thanks in advance.


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,321

    I have a part shaded GH too (it is soon to be moved - but that's another story!). Cucumbers work well for me, and I get some tomatoes,although not many. I get early strawberries by bringing them in in May (then putting them back outside once fruit is over - they need to be cold in the winter).  I also do well with basil and parsley.

    Hope that helpsimage

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    It's not the lack of sunlight that's stopping your toms ripening, Squeaky. Temperature is the key to ripening, not direct sunlight. That's why they'll ripen inside on a kitchen bench. Maybe you need to try earlier varieties.



  • Squeaky73Squeaky73 Posts: 5

    Oh that's good to know Italophile.  Maybe i'll give a few plants a shot and try and keep the temperature up.  I do like parsley and basil so maybe i'll try that and the strawberries too.  Thank you both.

    Any other ideas from anyone?

  • quercus_ruburquercus_rubur Posts: 334

    In the past I've grown potatoes in tubs on my patio which is in partial shade and they've done well

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