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Young Silver birch still dormant?


I've planted 3 Silver Birches at the bottom of my garden a few months back. They are approx 7ft young trees still reddy brown in colour. 1 of them has seeded and now growing small leaves and foliage but 2 remain dormant. Could this be due to the late spring and they may burst in to life still or could they simply be poor plants and not going to bloom?

Any advice much appreciated thanks!



  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    I must say I would be worried about them by now.  My millenium silver birch, thus 13 yers old, was very late coming into leaf after the long winter, but the leaves are now fluttering about happily.  All the titmouse family seem very fond of this tree, eating the early buds, and presumaby the many insects and grubs that live around it.  

    Gently scrape a bit off the bark from the dormant trees with your finger nail and see if the wood is green and heathy underneath, if it is I suppose it might yet respond, but if brown I'm afraid it is almost certainly deceased. 

  • thankyou bookertoo, ho well, i will try the bark and if not i will just have to get a couple more!

  • gave it a scrape on the trunk and still green and healthy. puzzling i suppose i better leave them be until they decease

  • Although these are small trees the SBs are relatively late starters.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Good Lee, lets hope they will sprout yet - if we get a bit of sunshine, you never know, 

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