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Hello all, I've just joined so that I can ask you for some help.

Due to the stony nature of my soil I have a lot of raised beds in the garden, so that when I cut the grass around them there is always a strip of long grass left up against the edge of the raised beds. I had a really good little strimmer which I used to go round with every so often and trim this grass down. Sadly after more than 10 years' service, the strimmer died last year and I had to get a new one. I bought a similar one, size-wise, as my garden is not very big. I didn't think I needed a heavy duty one!

It has been a failure. Every time I use it I spend hours fiddling with the cutting string. It is so feeble that the slightest touch against the bed edging (old telegraph poles) snaps the string and I have to faff around getting it out of the cartridge again. It even breaks if the grass is too thick so it really is rubbish.

I need one that will do the job, and I will take advice from anyone who may have any to give. What do you recommend? Are there small strimmers with tough string in them? I'm after an electric one, doesn't have to be cordless. I don't necessarily want one with an automatic line feed either as in my experience this never works properly anyway.

I'm sorry for going on such a lot, and I hope that someone can help me choose a strimmer which isn't going to have me tearing my hair out every time I use it.



  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 459

    I have an ancient flymo one that can flip around to do the edges! It's about 20 years old and still holds it's own. My neighbour recently bought a new strimmer, and asked me to help get it up and running. It was a bosch and I have to say I was very impressed, it's about £60 but was very powerful and very easy to use. I belong to which? and bosch are usually the top or in the top 3, I'd go with one of those, from experience was fairly light and plenty powerful. Was also easy to use. Happy strimming!

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    I've got a Flymo Powertrim - I paid £39.99 for it about 18 months ago and use it for exactly what you want to do - it has a dual string which feeds really simply - on the couple of occasions when it has got tangled or doesn't feed through it's simple to take the cover off the cartridge and feed it through - it takes just a minute.  If the string breaks off too short you just 'rev' the strimmer a couple of times until you can hear the string rattling against the cover.  Also the cutting head is easy to reverse so you can use it to edge lawns too.  

    Full of trepidation I lent it to my son yesterday so he could trim an overgrown bank - he didn't break it image

    Highly recommended!

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  • maryplainmaryplain Posts: 42

    Thank you, your help is much appreciated. Now to go shopping...

  • XX Posts: 707

    I use a Worx (B&Q) rechargeable strimmer/edger.  It has been used almost daily for the past 5 years (I work as a gardener), its light, easy to manoeuvre, has automatic line feed that works well.  Happy shopping image

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