My Corkscrew Hazel - Thanks

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Just a note to say thanks to those who suggested I prune my Hazel instead of taking it out. I pruned it back by about a third, taking out the lower limbs, and a couple others to open it up. It's doing well and has open ground underneath where I've underplanted it. I've also put in a Clematis I bought at the Harrogate Flower Show - Clematis koreana Broughton Bride - so that it will twine through the branches. Very pleased with the result, so once again, me, Hazel and the Long-tailed Tits say thanks image


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    That's great QR.  If you treat your new clem well by planting it deep an dthen feeding it you shoul dget a first flush of single flowers in April and May followed by a flush of double flowers in June and July.   It doesn't need any pruning except, when it's older,  to keep it in bounds after flowering finishes and it should have lovely silky seedheads to add interest later in the season.

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  • quercus_ruburquercus_rubur Posts: 333

    Thanks Obelixx. I bought it full of buds which are flowering now, but didn't realise it would flower again in summer. Will look forward to that!

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