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mike2limike2li Posts: 29


I have several wooden planters and lots of tubs and pots all sizes filled up with pansies, primroses and primulas and some foliage plants, my ? is

Can i lift most and grow on in large pots in a corner of the garden for next year ? i need the space for all my bedding plants in the greenhouse , then greenhoue space for my few toms and peppers ect. All the tubs and pots are looking really good the colours are amazing ,i think i will leave for another week or two . Will the moving into large pots be a good idea ? This is my second year with a garden and read all the tips and banter on this site every day. There must be roughly 100 plants , seems a waste to throw them out. Any advice would be very welcomed. 







  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,705

    Certainly you can lift the primroses and primula and put them somewhere shady to start again in rthe autumn. Once they finish flowering it is also a good time to divide them. 

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  • chickychicky Posts: 10,379

    Hi Mike

    they are all hardy so will be quite happy in pots in a quiet corner of the garden ( I'd choose a shady corner ). Just don't forget they will need watering in dry spells like any other container.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,158

    If you've got a shady piece of garden you can put them in the ground. They won't need so much watering through the summer that way. 

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  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

     I find most type of primroses grow well under decidues trees / summer flowering shrubs  ( exept the ones which need lots of water, I cannot grow Bullimia type - please exuse spellings), when  the primroses have  finished flowering  they die down and the shrubs come into there own .At the end of the season the decidues trees/ shrubs lose there leaves and the primroses start again .

  • big edbig ed Posts: 14

    Those seeds that are reticent to germinate........Try popping them into a just hot washed Tupperware type container with a little water leave in the bottom of airing cupboard check them regularly......First sign of movement plant but don,t give them huge temperature change shock.........Preferably use distilled water or cooled just boiled water........If you think long term terminators,such as lavender or similar perennials then add the tiniest-tiniest amount of general rose treatment usually this will prevent algae and fungus developing while you wait..happy germinating.

  • mike2limike2li Posts: 29

    Thanks for all the replies and tips , got  a nice shady chipped area at rear of my shed to put pots in, and will try too  divide when flowering stopped thanks punkdoc, also give a soak now and then thanks chicky . Thanks again to all the replies and be back soon with my next problem . Mike.




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