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i am new to this growing your own so need some help please with rhubarb.  Planted a rhubarb in September and it has grown nicely but it has like white flowers, leaves with green stems that growing near the bottom of main stalk. Stems are not red.  Can anyone tell me what to do please.


  • Congratulations - your rhubarb is happy, so happy that it wants to make flowers.  Break its heart - cut the flower off at the bottom of the flower stalk.  The energy needs to go to leaves.  

    From what I have read, red stalks are tied to the variety of the rhubarb.  

    The stems of my rhubarb were more green when it was flowering.  And the first rhubarb of the season is redder than later stalks.  Sorry can't help further.

    Happy gardening!



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,992

    Yes, don't let your rhubarb flower!  Break the flower stem away right at the bottom of the plant.  

    The colour of rhubarb stalks varies with variety, but if you 'force' your rhubarb next year as shown here you will get redder sweeter stems.  

    However, green rhubarb stems are fine, and very tasty - just add a little more sugar.image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • diggers2diggers2 Posts: 8

    thanks to all

  • quercus_ruburquercus_rubur Posts: 334

    Oooh just watching The A-Z of plants and Rhubarb is on!

    I love Rhubarb! but I'm not a fan of forced Rhubarb. I've grown it a couple of years and found it pretty tasteless, Couldn't even say it was sweet.  I much prefer the sourness of naturally grown sticks.

    The variety is Timperely Early which is supposed to be good for forcing. Can anyone recommend a different variety?

  • daffygardenerdaffygardener Posts: 109

    Pink champayne and champayne are both lovely sweet and light coloured.  I've not forced them as they are fine grown normally.  I think having seen a prog on the rhubarb triangle(a while ago now) - they force the plant one year and then put it outside for the next year or two, not forcing it in successive years. That way with a 3 year cycle you need several plants to allow the forced one to recover and have several not forced for a longer cropping season.  Isn't there an old variety called Victoria or that may be my imagination.  Thinking about Rhubarb and custard - I think I'll go and pick some. image

  • quercus_ruburquercus_rubur Posts: 334

    Thanks Daffy. I'll have a look for those and give forcing another try next year. My kids - now fully grown - recall how I gave them a stick of rhubarb and an egg cup full of sugar. They still love it image

  • I've got a variety called Raspberry Red, which has very red stems even when not forced. I went for this because it's in my border so wanted something colourful. Picked my first (unforced) stems on saturday and had crumble yum image



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