Pruning a Photinia

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I have a Photinia Red Robin that is about 10' high. It has new growth and leaf in the upper half but very little below. It is now more a tree than a shrub. I know I have neglected it, I should have pruned it long ago. It has had a scattering of general fertiliser each spring. How much do you think I can reduce it by and would you do it now ?  



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    ...this is certainly the time of year to do it... however you could leave it till a bit later if you wanted... say end of June for instance but not later... the reason I say that is I don't like cutting off all the lovely red shoots that must be showing right now... it's the beauty of the plant...and new shoots need time to harden before autumn...

    ..I'm not keen on these getting to 10 foot, I prefer 7 or 8 foot max and keep it roughly there... if it was mine I would prune back to about 5 foot, pruning all stems to just above a leaf node where you will see little dormant red buds.... but it's up to you how much to take off....

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    I agree with Salino,it would be a pity to prune now when the red shoots are just coming into their own,I would enjoy them and then prune.,They seem fairly tolerant of hard pruning,I have cut mine back by several feet before(I now try to keep on top of it and prune about a foot a year)without any ill effects.

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    Thanks Salino & Gilly L. 

    Will wait a while and prune hard & keep it in check in future, it grew when I wasn't lookingimage

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    Thank you Verdun.

    I think we will prune ASAP as now I've started looking at it I agree it isn't the best of sights.Plus I will keep it looked after.

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    I wait until after they flower since the bees goes nuts for it.image

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    Thanks Wintersong. I have a bee friendly garden so I'm sure they'll be ok. If I prune now I think I'll still get new growth that will flower. To be honest I've never noticed the flowers, obviously there as berries follow, never given it at thought.

  • I also have a Red Robin, it's part of a loose 'hedge' consisting of different plants that just break up the view into my living room but is really not dense at all, and actually I'm wondering if I was sold a dud. I've got branches that are two feet long and only have a clump of leaves at the end, nothing along the branch, plus a lot of the trunk has no branches at all.

    I assume the usual rule of thumb applies, i.e. cut just above a leaf, but what if there aren't any to cut above?

    It's shooting nicely now at the ends, but it's really too open. I'd appreciate any advice on how to thicken it up - preferably without having to cut it down to the ground and start again image. Oh, it's probably 6 or 7 feet tall and I don't need it to get much taller than that. Thanks.

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    Verdun mine got a big haircut, fed and watered and is now after only a week looking more lively. Will keep it in check in future.

    Wintersong the bees are busy on the honesty & honeysuckle. So good result all round. Thanks all for info.

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