Acer Beni Schichihenge problem?

I bougt an Acer Beni Schichihenge from RHS Wisley two years ago (in full leaf). This is its second spring in my garden. Both this year and last year the pink/green leaves that have opened up seem undersized. The tree has seemed to bud well but, as mentioned above, the leaves seem small. In the few branches where the colour of leaf as reverted to green, the leaves seem normal size (reasonably large actually). Is this normal (the difference in size between the pink/green leaves and the reverted ones). How big should the pink/green leaves on this tree be normally? Any reason why this could be happening? Could the tree be getting too much sun and this has affected it in some way?


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    ...I'm not an expert on Maples but some people will cut out those shoots that have reverted to green...   apparently this is one maple that can grow happily in full sun and exposure in this country...

    in case you haven't already done so, I'd like to refer you to a forum that specifically has a maple section with threads on this particular variety.... it's a Canadian forum so hopefully no one would object...

    there are one or two others threads about this Maple so it's worth having a look around...

  • Thank you Salino

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    Named Acer palmatum such as Beni.... ,are always grafted on to the rootstock of Acer palmatum.

    Sometimes the plain rootstock will grow... this is called reversion.

    This pic shows a red leafed Acer with plain green leaves which are growing from below the graft.


    Plain green leaves are stronger and faster growing than variegated, very dissected leaves. They twigs of plain leaves must always be removed.

    University of British Columbia in Canada has a wonderful very active forum.

     It including a specialist maple section..With masses of pic, help and advise from real experts all over the world. Including folk from UK!


  • Thanks very much. The plain green leaves pop out in various places on my tree - not below the graft actually. I have removed these branches.

    Acknowledging that the reverted growth is stronger, i am still left with this undersized leaf problem. If the tree is really unhealthy then perhaps the reverted leaves shouldnt look so good!

    I have joined the UBC site and posted the same question to see what they say. I could try re-plantint the tree in another area of the garden (more sheltered) but perhaps should wait for more advice from others!

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    We grow Acer Beni Schichihenge. as well as 200 more named Acers.

    The leaves are gorgeous, but it is  very slow weak growing tree compared to many others Acer palmatums.

    Wait for advice from UBC, however, personally I would not move an Acer when it is struggling. You could just finish it off completely.

    Have you checked to make sure it is not planted too deeply?

    Is it too wet.?

    Sometimes our Acers have died... when dug up the roots have been hanging, as if in the roof of a cave... dried up. B.....MOLES!

  • i will check how deeply it is planted but i think that is fine. and i dont think its too wet but will check...... the foliage on all those pics looks so much more luscious/dense than mine.

  • interestingly, i have just noticed that there are a lot of small insects crawling up the trunk.... could they be causing a problem??... can i upload a picture here?



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    Sorry cannot see enough detail.

    Do they look like this......



    Dreaded scale insect.... Pulvinaria regalis.

    That could well be the problem!

  • nope...they are more ant shaped but with a slightly more swollen, broad body at the back. red-brown in colour

  • here is another pic....



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    Hmm! Not sure what those are.

    Good pic.

    You have actually caught 2 on candid camera... err.. enjoying themselves!

    Hope somone can id them... they might be cause of your problem.

  • hahaha.... they are not alone  -....i would be very happy to find out it is these causing it...if then there is a way to deal with the problem...!!!

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    If that is a vine weevil, have a look at the root of the plant if its in a pot,to see if it is developing as it should, you probably wont see the grub now as they have hatched into adults, but you may see some bad rooting system

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  • thanks lyn. Doesn't look like one to me to be honest - Looking at pics on the web - and maybe they arent affecting the leaves at all. Someone just told me that their Beni S has leaves the same width as mine but i am sure this is very undersized at 1" across.

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    Sorry that I cannot id your beetle... which has bands which run across the body.

    However it is definitely not a vine weevil... which has banding running front to back.



  • My Beni Shichihenge came from Eastwood Nurseries last spring (late April) and I planted it in full sun (I live in Eastern GA). It has not grown at all, all the original leaves are still attached, but the delicate pink-cream fringe appear burned and all that remain are dark green leaves with burned edges. What could be causing this? Too much sun? too much water? Location? Other Japanese Maples in my garden are doing well and thriving… image

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    It sounds to me as if it has been scorched by the sun - variegated maples need partial shade


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