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female dog urine

I have a bitch that uses the lawn as a toilet which leaves yellow patches everywhere is there some way of neutralising the patches so that the grass will stay green


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Yes, you can throw a bucket of water over the place as soon as she has peed.

    Or you could train her to go on a particular sacrificial spot.

  • nodlisabnodlisab Posts: 406

    I have tried all the suggested remedies but none of them work so I now use a watering can to dilute it.

  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    yep follow her round with a watering can and dilute the wee immediately, I would also use a lawn fertilizer every 6 weeks or so through the growing season (all over the lawn, not just where she's been!), this way the grass should stay the same colour green without much darker areas.

  • Puffin2Puffin2 Posts: 5

    I find this question very intriguing. I have kept dogs (bitches) for 30 years and never have this problem. The grass grows faster where they go but never goes yellow. Could it have anything to do with diet or water being hard or soft? Since we have had various different breeds from gundogs to terriers it can't be this.


  • nodlisabnodlisab Posts: 406

    Then you have been lucky.

  • Puffin2Puffin2 Posts: 5

    Yes I do realise that but I don't understand why. 

  • We have the same problem with yellow patches on the lawn from a female laboradoodleimage.

    We feed her wet pedigree chum dog food. The lawn was so lovely before we got her. Anyway, I've tried putting grass seed down so far and it hasn't taken at all.  I am going to try a general weed and feed over the whole lawn. Puffin 2 - the grass has died where she goes|

    I read something about it being acidic and you can buy granules to put in her water to change the acidity = might try that too. But am out of other ideas.

  • Puffin2Puffin2 Posts: 5

    My dogs have all been fed with dry James Wellbeloved Food and we have very hard water. Beyond that and having tidy grass rather than a lawn I don't imagine I do anything different to all of you. Wish I did as it might help you all.

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