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Val DentVal Dent Posts: 4

Hello. Can anyone tell me what do I do to a healthy but very leggy Euphorbia to make it more bushy and contained within the area I want it to grow instead of leaning out onto my lawn from the flower bed? Do I cut it back to ground level? When is a good time to prune? Any help gratefully received.



  • What kind of euphorbia do you have ?

    Any dealings with Euphorbia please wear gloves,they have a white fluid,which can cause skin problems.

    i usually just tidy the plants up, if you just want the flowers lifted,put a plant support under the flower heads .
  • Val DentVal Dent Posts: 4

    Thanks! That's v helpful

  • JcblueJcblue Posts: 42

    I just give them a bit of a trim, can do this now if your in the south of the country ( not likely to get more frost??!) I also put the trimmed bits in a vase of water to root, after removing the lower leaves, more plants for free!! & yes do wear gloves, I don't seem to react to them but know lots that do & they can cause a horrid itchy rash!

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,295

    I got bitten by E. myrsinites. Cut back the flowered stems on a hot day, didn't see any loose sap. Couple of hours later my face was numb/tingly. Showered it but must have screwed up my eyes. The skin came off the crease in my eyelids. Red and sore for a few days.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • chickychicky Posts: 10,390

    Verdun - do you also propagate using the prunings in a vase method ?  Might try that this year

  • Val DentVal Dent Posts: 4

    Thanks everyone for your help and advice. Will use it all.

  • JcblueJcblue Posts: 42

    I just put my top prunings in a vase (or glass) to root in water, us devon folk simple too! image

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