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Where are my vegetables?

Is it just me are is everyone experiencing no show with stuff they've planted?

 I dug up half of my garden (because it wasn't getting used for relaxing or entertaining etc) and decided to have a vegetable plot instead ( to try to cut the cost of living a bit ....prices of veg are ridiculous!)

 The garlic onions and rhubarb are doing really well but everything else seems to be afraid to come out!! I've planted peas, beans potatoes, carrots and beetroot so far and apart from the peas and beans just attempting to peep through, all I've got is half a dozen carrots starting to show. Nothing else!

 I was planning on putting some greens in to but wonder if it's worth bothering?

Have I wasted my time and hard work or am I worrying too early?


  • Be patient, most will come up in it's own time.

    I tend to start my veg off in pots, to stop it getting decimated by slugs.  Carrots and beets go straight into the ground, but peas, beans, cabbage, sprouts etc all get started off in pots - they're generally warmer than the ground at this time of year, and you can place them on gravel, or high up, to make sure that slugs can't get at them.

    Don't get too disheartened.  It may be that the ground is still a little cold for them to peep through, the fact that you have peas, beans and carrots coming through is promising!  If all else fails, you could try getting some plug plants from the garden centre, or re-sow some of the things that haven't germinated in pots this time.

    You may also need to protect the green shoots from birds at this time of year, it may be worth investing in a mesh mini-tunnel, to protect them whilst young & tender, once bigger than about 6 inches, they lose their appeal to birds.

    Get yourself a big planter/window-box, put rings of copper tape around the top to deter slugs, and plant yourself some lettuce, radish, carrots, anything else you like to eat salad-wise, pop some seeds in and put it by the back door (if there's room and it's sunny enough).  Quick crops will keep you going until some of the staples come through.

    One thought, did you 'chit' the potatoes when you put them in, and have they gone into the ground, or did you put them in potato planters/tyres?  Did you enrich the ground before planting anything?  Carrots will grow in almost anything, but beans are very greedy.

    Get yourself a copy of growing veg month by month by John Harrison.  It's only a fiver or so from amazon, and it's become my veg bible.  Has lots of great ideas, and will keep you going when disheartened.  You will learn what will grow and what won't, it can be a steep learning curve when starting out.

    Chin up.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    The only things I plant in situ is carrots, parsnips, onion and garlic. The rest is started off in trays as the success rate is much higher. Then I pot on, and after a few weeks I plant out. 

    I too did the same when I was a beginner, quickly changed my method. Still not too late to re-sow into trays.

  • jad1jad1 Posts: 130

    Dont worry. It is a cold start to planting into  the soil.There is still plenty of time to replant if neccesary. I keep a diary each year and at the moment my veggies are a month behind last year.

  • i think we are all in the same boat due to the cold and wet weather i live on a farm and we normaly do 1st cut of grass at end of may grass is not growing so it looks like in june know

  • Ray 3Ray 3 Posts: 26

    Like jad1 said,everybody is in the same boat with the weather.All my veg approx 3 to 4 weeks behind last year.Hang in there and pray the weather improves!

  • I must confess to a terrible cheat, buy some living salad from Lidl  gently prise them apart and plant and you have a wonderfull selection of   lettuce plants !

    Happy Gardening 


  • jude1jude1 Posts: 6

    I planted spring onion and carrot seeds about 10 days ago and there is no sign of anything at the moment. It is cold and wet so I hope that they will eventually make an appearence

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,189

    Some stuff likes to be sown in cooler weather, I sowed mooli outdoors and covered it with glass at the beginning of April, uncovering it on warm days, it's now uncovered night and day. It has needed to be watered but is looking like my best effort.  

    Last year it didn't need any protection after germination and was sown at the end of March.    

    Haven't been able to get small radishes to germinate outdoors yet, this year.   

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