How to take a cutting from pieris flame

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Can anyone give me any advice on how / when to take a cutting from pieris flame, do I need rooting powder etc. Any information / tips very welcome!


  • I have just taken some cuttings from a Pieris this July ( not Forest Flame but similar) This is what I did.

    took 5 - 7 inch cuttings from new growth, both pink and pale grean leaves, cut just below a leaf node,  pulled off lower leaves leaving just a few at top, some of which I snipped in half. drilled some small holes in Ice cream tub.  Filled tub with 50/50 mix of sand and peat and wet it through. Place cuttings quite deep in mix but without leaves touching growing medium.  My rooting powder is old so probably not much good so I did half with and half without. I then placed over the top a clear plastic box that once contained a joint of meat bought from the supermarket. (make holes in top for air flow.) the plastic should NOT touch the cuttings.  I have placed one in a sheltered place outside, one in my shed  with a window. and 2 in a cold frame with and without plastic meat cover.  They must be kept out of direct sunlight and sprayed at times  to keep moist. they must not get dry but cuttings will rot if too wet. 

    I believe they take a couple of months to root.

    I have had good success with other cuttings have even used an old washing up dish wrapped in garden polythene in sheltered spot all through winter.

    Not tried Pieris before but I think it is worth a punt so watch this space!

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