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Monitor spray and blowtorch spares

I'm searching for spare parts for a Monitor garden spray and blowtorch.  The spray is a hand held chromed unit which is presurised so I need seals and pump parts.  The blowtorch is the same make and is a small unit I use around the garden, again seals and other parts wanted.  Reluctant to scrap them as they have worked well for many years.

Does anyone know where I can get part????


  • Have you tried ebay?  Failing that, could you not bite the bullet and take it into a garden machinery hire place, as they often have spare parts that will fit, but will charge you for fixing them.  If they are trusted tools, it's often better to try to repair them, rather than forking out for new.

  • NetherfieldNetherfield Posts: 120

    Depends what sort of seal you are looking for, O rings can be found quite easily, and sometimes I have used silicone sealant to replace parts no longer available.

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