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Talkback: Frogs and slugs

its a great way to keep down the pests having frogs, hedgehogs and birds in the garden - but what tips do you have for encouraging them into the garden in the first place??


  • What we really need is a good recipe for slugs!!! Any suggestions, Jamie Oliver?
  • I've just tried, in the last couple of weeks, Nemaslug, a totally organic solution to getting rid of slugs, on a patch of just planted young perennials and a brand newly created glade of shade-loving plants. As the organisms eat hatched slugs underground there is no 'evidence' of success apart from no slugs above ground and no destroyed leaves. I bought the 6 week treatment online from Unwins and so far it seems very successful.
  • My marrows and courgettes have not come to anything, the flowers fell off the leaves got covered in white mould and it even spread to my grapevine in the greenhouse, this is the first time it has happened, can you tell me why. Do I need to spray my greenhouse and what precaution can I take not to have this happen next year, it even got to the ones outside.
  • I have a very small pond in my garden and every spring frogs and toads come to spawn. I even rescued a frog doing a very good 'ice age' impression this spring, frozen into the ice after a hard frost. They certainly do keep the slugs at bay. I also try to grow plants that slugs and snail don't like, lavender, lambs ears, astilbe, ferns etc. I have tried to encourage as much wildlife as possible into my garden and have lots of bird feeders, sun flowers, poached egg plants, buddlia bushes etc, and although some things do look a bit 'mauled' I feel happy to let nature take care of the garden without the use of chemicals.
  • I've recently moved house. The garden was, upon moving in, covered in gravel and lined so nothing could grow through. Suffice to say it looked drab and devoid of plant and animal life. I've now moved the stones, seeded and grown a lawn. Now looks great. Lots of bugs and birds now...
  • Great blog Adam, we have the little 'hoppers' in our garden too and reap the rewards of their presence.
    On the topic of frogs; if any gardeners are still using herbicides to control weeds. Please check out">this link.
  • I have had frogs or little hoppers in my pond fore about 6 years now. i do not youse herbicdes.but i do find alot of empty snail shells.but i do still find alot of damage on my now i youse a garlic wash over them.just boil two hole garlic in two pints of warter. put it into a container. and just take two table spoons a watering can. and put it over all your plnts .it will keep the slugs and snails of your plants.but it wont harm any frogs or toads or newts.
  • i was waching the tv last year the garden chanal. it was about hostas and how you stop slugs from eating them. what this woman done was got two hole garlic and broke them up into a pan. and then boild them. then you leve them fore about three hours to cool. then all you do is put it into a jug. and then you get a table spoon. two spoons full in to a watering can full of water. then water all your plants with it and that keeps the slugs of your plants try it it worked with mine the rest i just keep in a jug till i do it agen i do it every two weeks it works fore me
  • I found a brown toad who has taken up residence in one of our outbuildings where we store wood, rubbish bins etc. I have left the door open for the toad to escape but he prefers to stay in the shed and has been there all summer. Is this usual and will the toad eventually leaved. Why is he in out shed?
    Many thanks
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