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Compost tea

Do you use compost tea? If so is it as effective as they say and is it safe to use on vegetables?


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    As an avid compost maker taught by my Father many eons ago I have never used the stuff and in fact had never heard of it so looked it up.
    Sounds like another sales ploy to me at £29 a tub.
    I use my own starter by collecting my own waste water (recycled beer) in an old plastic milk bottle I keep in the garage. "Err" shut the door and keep away from the window whilst producing said waste water, we do not want to frighten the neighbours.
    Apparantly Ladies recycled water does not work, I have never gone into that so cannot give advice on it.
    Compost needs "Air" "Heat" and "Damp" not soaking. I toss it out into my barrow give it a stir and toss it back, this gets the air in, as I toss it back and spread it with my fork I sprinkle with the watering can complete with Rose, a mix of one cup of magic milk bottle to a can of water with a very thin sprinkle of granular fertiliser, it works for me. Six weeks or so in hot weather and six months from Autumn to Spring and even Monty will not do better than that.
    I believe that as my Father and other old time brilliant gardeners did not need it then neither do I.


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