Fig tree and Canary Palm

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I have a fig tree and Canarian Palm tree which I bought last year and left them outside over winter, I know it may not  have been a good idea image.  

I recently  cut my fig tree down by a third because it was spindly and put the bits in the same pot which looks as if they have small buds coming.  The Canary Palm when bought was a larger one, it looks very sad and most of the leaves went dry and yellow.  So decided to cut off the sad leave and hoped I would see some growth.  Thankfully, there is signs of growth, anyway to cut the the chase, what do I feed these 2 plants on for the coming season.  Next winter I will maks sure I wrap my Palm up so keep it warm.  regards Chris 9


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    we have established espaliered (I think that's right I'm a novice) fig tree on west facing  sheltered stone wall (inherited) we are in north of england and it does very well just planting roses and clematis through it

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