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We have just moved and inherited a neglected garden with lots of potential. There are several poorly positioned plants we want to get rid of. How do we get rid of yucca roots? There was a multi trunked specimen in a small raised bed so taking a digger to it is not practical. Is there a chemical cosh we can apply? Any advice would be much appreciated. And then there's the pampas grass to deal with: it is sad that we will have to spend a lot of time and energy getting rid of things before we can start real gardening.


  • Thanks Verdun: I figured that there probably isn't a short cut, but a fire sounds like a good plan. The problem with a trench is that the trunk is taking up most of a raised bed with a stone wall round it, and I fear that digging will destroy the wall. OH has applied his chain saw to the trunks, so at least it's now 9 inches high rather than 6 feet. Back to work ...
  • Thanks very much: SBK sounds like a good solution. We will try that. Now for the pampas ... OH quite pleased at the thought of some mild pyromania.
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