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euphorbia looks like mildew

hi folks i have got euphorbia fireglow, which has come up a treat, but it looks although it has got milky mildew, i  have watered it regularly, is this normal for euphorbias as this is the first one ive grown,


  • Hi, do you mean the sap? Have you a damaged stem? They bleed copious amounts of   nasty white sap, it can be quite harmful. Dont get it on your hands. Mildew is white but in pustile form that you could scrap off with your finger nail,normally on the leaves. Bit too early for mildew

  • clkclk Posts: 95

    Hi, looking at various euphorbias on the RHS website (my 'bible') it seems that different types of euphorbias suffer from different types of problems. Mildew isn't on there for problems with fireglow but then nor is it there for my euphorbia amygdaloides purpurea which looks as if it has the same problem. Maybe the extreme weather conditions have caused it? All the rain last year and then, in York, bearly any rain for sometime now.

  • thanks both clk yes it maybe just the weather, i will give it a spray with bic soda and water which apparently helps mildew thanks guys image

  • clkclk Posts: 95

    I didn't know about that solution - how much bicarb to water do you use kimrosefreak? I will give mine a spray too.

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