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Japanese Maple

Help I have a 12 year old japanese maple which has grown well up to this year, early spring what looked like the first leafs started to grow new buds this was about march since then the tree seems to be drying the buds have not opened and what leaves are on the tree look very tiny some off the branches have turned black. I have cut off the dead branches given the tree some feed and have increased watering it looks almost dead ,small buds have appeared near the base which has give me hope. I would hate to loose this lovely tree after 12 years what can I do to save it.Thanks for any advice


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,021

    Given the March and April we've just had it'll have been frozen solid just when the sap was rising to feed all the newly unfurling leaves.   This can be fatal.  It was for 2 of mine last year and did a lot of damage to a hamamelis and some roses.

    You're just going to have to be patient and give it to mid June to recover.   If it has produced new foliage by then you can prune out all the dead wood to just above those leaves.  If not, it's a goner.

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  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    I have two Acers, one large green and one small purple.

    The green one was fine but the purple one had severe dieback of buds. Its popping leaves from a few healthy buds and growing new buds along the stems, so I guess you are not alone image

  • Janet 9Janet 9 Posts: 15

    Yes the weather was awfull .i did think that this had been the cause. Hopefully it will recover .Thanks for the advice

  • AirwavesAirwaves Posts: 82

    I'm sure it will revive, just hang on in. Many of the problems are as others have said, weather related, especially in this part of the countryN.E. , where  frequent strong winds have damaged the plants and dried the soil too quickly. My acedrs are now well into leaf but without exception I have about 6 inch die back on each branch. My roses too were damaged but now seem to have made a good recovery

  • Janet 9Janet 9 Posts: 15

    I have noticed the small buds at the base have slightly increased ,but if the tree does recover it could be only quarter of the size it was..The roses have been fine plenty of growth maybe they have been lest exposed to the eliments

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