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Which bamboo?

I have a bare 4-foot fence between us and the next door neighbours' garden.  In the later afternoon/evening, the sun is in that direction.  I'd like to provide a bit more privacy, but without losing that sun.  I thought that a bamboo would be ideal, and that if I could find one that doesn't get too thick, it would obscure the view while still letting the sun filter through.

So my question is, which of the many varieties of bamboo would be best.  Ideally I'd like a delicate-looking evergreen that doesn't get too thick, although I'm happy to thin/prune.  About 6-7 feet high would be perfect.  Our soil is very dry and chalky, and the border into which it would go is only about 8-10 inches across, but running the length of 2 fence panels.  (I assume that I would need 2 or 3 plants to fill the gap.)

Also, garden centres seem to have very few varieties.  Is there a good place to look at bamboo - is it safe to buy them online?  Thanks!


  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Hi there, this site might help with information, look for non-invasive types, the others will spread everywhere and you'll have a heck of a job to get rid of them (I speak from experience!)image


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