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I have this space...


 It used to have a tomato greenhouse and a mini greenhouse. Both the metal pole type with the plastic covering over them. The photo is taken looking South and it gets a lot of direct sun. I thought it would be the ideal spot, but I live on a corner house and its quite open.

So it was windy a couple of days and both decided to blow away. They didn't get far before my wife caught them. I cant attach them to the wall as its my neighbours house. I can't think of a way to hold them down as the both had things in the when they blew away, so were weighed down.

So I am looking for a small greenhouse to put there, either a bought one or a made one. Problem is its quite  a small place 90x120 (3" x 4") would be great, but I can't find on that small that opens on the smalled side Or they are so incredibley expensive to be prohibitive.

Does anyone know of something that would fit the bill?

Many thanks,



  • Don't really know if you can get an off-the-shelf greenhouse that's that size, you can get one made to measure, but like anything bespoke it'll be expensive.

    As a stopgap, I'd visit a caravan shop, and see if you can get a small storm strap - these go over the top of a caravan awning, and are designed to stop caravan awnings blowing away in windy areas, these will probably cost more than the plastic greenhouses did though!  Could you not get something like a big bamboo in a pot (for heaven's sake, don't put it in the ground), and use that as a windbreak?

    An alternative would be to ask your neighbour if s/he minds you putting a lean-to greenhouse there?  I'm sure that some home-grown tomatoes every year, and a couple of peppers/cucumbers may help persuade them!

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,727

    Hi Bill. Could you perhaps make a simple timber frame on the other side, ie the bit with the wooden raised beds-or are they not yours? You could then use the idea that MMP has  suggested or a retaining strap of some kind.Tricky one I'm afraid. There are also wooden 'growhouses' available at around £80 upwards but it also depends what you like to grow as these tend to be smaller.

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    Whether you buy a greenhouse to fit, or make a frame yourself, you will never regret it - having that bit of cover for tender things - including yourself if the weather goes sour - is one of the great joys of gardening if you can manage it.  There are companies who, if you send your measurements of the the space, will supply the poles for the frame and netting for it - we did this for our rather long and narrow area, it worked vdry well.  Worth looking at the suppliers to see - much, much cheaper than the expense of an actual bespoke one as MMP says. 

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