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whats wrong with my tree?

Hi all,

I have a peach tree and a nectarine tree. Both are dwarf and in pots. They came as bare root trees a month or so ago. I potted them both up at the same time. The peach had many lovely pink flowers with I hand pollinated and is not leaved and looking good.

The nectarine on the other hand looks to have plenty buds on it, but it still looks like it did on the day of its arrival. I peeled a little bark back at the bottom as someone suggested and it looks yellow/green inside so alive right?

Is this normal for the nectarine to be so much later to flower/leave or is it just not right? My apple, pear and plum have all had flowers and/or leaves already too.


 peach left, nectarine right. The other two are apricot dawnglow.




  • trifid housetrifid house Posts: 100

    my nectarine tree is always the last to get leaves so I would not worry to much. They like sheltered sunny positions but be carefull they dont dry out. I cover mine in the winter with a fleecy bag seems to encourage it to come back to life a bit better

  • I can see the green. the leaves are starting to break through now!

    The peach tree has leaf curl. I've removed all the leaves with visible leaf curl. hopefully the nectarine doesn't have it too...

    Will it flower late also, or would it have already done this before I got it?



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