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Talkback: Impatiens downy mildew



  • I had my busy lizzies die last year but didn't realise what had killed them so bought and grew them again this year only to have them die again. My hanging baskets seem to have survived but those in my garden and tubs (new soil in the tubs!!)have died again. Dissapointing that there seems to be no cure and that i will have to plant another type of bedding plant next year!!
  • I had the same problem with my busy lizzies in Norwich, very dissapointing.
    The ones in the hanging baskets seem ok but all the others that were in tubs are gone. I have geraniums in the same tubs as the dying busy lizzies and they are thriving.
  • Very interested to read these comments- mine in the ground and in baskets just seem to have disppeared- i thought that it was slugs- the ones in the hanging baskets look very poor
  • Mine have also died off now my garden looks very bare, they have also started to die in my baskets to i sent for these plants out of a national news paper will i be able to get a refund.
  • I have had the same thing all the plants i had have died i bought about 175 plug plants and each one have gone the same way. I have never had this before.
  • All my BizLizzies are dying also. They were fine in the greenhouse until planted out but have not thrived in tubs or baskets and are now simply rotting and leaves dropping from the downy mildew infection.
    I won't be buying them next year
  • All my Impatiens have died (same thing happened last year) so I won't be setting any next year! The same thing has happened in two of my friends gardens - we live in Leicestershire.
  • Hundreds of Impatiens are planted in the Linton zoo gardens every year and we have always had a wondeful display of colours, this year every plant has wilted away to nothing,I thought it was something we had done wrong.I guess we will have to plant something different next season as this is a very expensive problem to risk!
  • Exactly the same thing has just happened to my Impatiens here in Bedford. They looked healthy one minute and within a couple of days all the leaves and flower had died, leaving healthy thick looking stalks. No evidence of any pests. This has happened in pots and beds. Very upsetting, and it has ruined the look of my beautiful garden. Can someone offer advice?
  • This disease has been widespread in 2011, and my normal bedding busy Lizzies have been infected and died.

    However, the larger flowers New Guinea Impatiens do not get this disease, and I don't think the varieties called SunPatiens get downy mildew either.

    Otherwise, looking ahead to 2012 I'd recommend people grow something different.

    The Busy Lizzy market is said to be valued at around £25million, so the loss of this market could have a big impact. However, most gardeners and parks departments will grow an alternative, so perhaps this won't have too much impact on commercial growers.
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