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  • Same thing here in Windsor. Happened last summer too and we thought the slug pellets weren't any good - although this obviously wasn't the case. Only bought this year's plants about six weeks ago. Will try petunias next year, but worried that the soil is infected now! Does anyone know???
  • Mine are the same here in Essex. The most expensive large plants were bought at a nursery these are just wilting away. The smaller and cheaper plants bought at two local supermarkets are still thriving. Surely by selling these plants the public who buy them are spreading a disease which at the moment cannot be cured, wouldn't it have been common sense to have stopped selling these in the first place.
  • My busy lizzies have all died here in somerset,I also planted some for my Mother in Devon,from a different supplier same problem.
    Wont be buying them next year!
  • I buy between 500 - 600 BL's every year from the same nursery and always have a wonderful show in borders and pots. During the last week, they have almost all died. I'm told it's caused by Downy Mildew. Can I risk buying them again next year, or will there be a cure by then?
  • never had this problem before but all my busy lizzies are dead really sad'
  • I bought mine from B&Q - it doesn't matter where I planted them - pots or direct into the ground they have all died- I suspect it is from downy mildew. I took them back to b&q to get my money back - all of £15.30 - I bought in a sample to show them what had happened - they expected me to bring in the whole lot (I had bought 6 trays!) After I threatened a letter of complaint and after being cross examined and the plants inspected by the gardening 'expert' - they relunctantly refunded me! I don't think I'll be getting my plants from there again. Why didn't they know about downy mildew?
  • Yes I have had the same problems with my Busy Lizzies (Leeds area) for the first time,having planted approx 200 in the garden & in tubs etc. and after a lovely flowering cycle they started to die off. I have now taken them all out. Other plants in the same locations - Petunias, Begonias,Geraniums etc. are all still thriving. Will the soil/compost now be deceased? & is there something we could apply?
  • All our bedding Bizzie lizzies have got the downey mildew and have died
  • I have just discovered what looks like downy mildew on my BLS which are all dying. I live in Bristol. Bought mine as tiny plugs from Sainsburys which were doing well until planted outside, so will try going back to see if they will consider a refund.
  • It's happened to me too. I live near Halifax and have over 200 plants raised from plugs bought from a leading supplier (and Gardeners World magazine partner). All were extremely healthy until a couple of weeks ago and now they're all sick/dying regardless of whether in baskets, tubs or borders. The sooner there's a preventative fungicide the better!
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