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  • I also have had all my bedding busy lizzies die.One day they were very healthy and next they began to wilt and go to nothing.All the begonia and marrigold in the same bed are still fine,and all the busy lizzies in my baskets and tubs are also fine.Why?
  • Has any one come up with a reason and cure yet?
  • I could not understand why all my busey lizzes had been eaten by the roots, when I investagated the soil, I found big fat creamey coloured grubs in the soil. The soil was a good one from a well known manufactures, should I complain to them???. I was so dissapointed as I always have a fantatic display, in my window box,tubs and hanging baskets.
  • Lost everything last year.We have tried a reduced number (250)of BL's this year and the same thing is happening. Geraniums are OK but the BL's are dying. Can't be the weather as we had a good spring. Sad but it seems that the age of the BL is over in this country unless a cure can be found. One wholesaler told me that the seeds were being treated but doesn't seem to be making any difference.
  • Same thing has happened here in Cheshire - all my bizzie lizzies flowered beautifully then died - literally rotted in front of eyes - but a few of the stems that have been left have started to sprout new leaves so perhaps not all lost yet!
  • My buzzie lizzies are dying too - salmon quicker than white but the same bare stalk pattern as above. What do i do the virus in the soil? should I plant next year? If not anyone got a shade loving...not too pricey alternative?
  • Has anyone come up with a difinitive answer as to why so many busy lizzies have died early over the last two seasons
  • Hi, is everyone still having problems with BL? I bought 80 plugs, followed instructions but they are all dying. Should the 'half alive' ones I've put in hanging baskets be taken out so as to not infect rest of plants? (hanging baskets still in greenhouse. Really upset by their failure! thanks
  • all my busy lizzies are the same i thought i was doing something wrong
  • Lost all mine in 2008. 2009 survived. This year they are beginning to yellow and the stems are rotting.
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