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Double wall raised bed?

I have a small front NW facing garden in which I am thinking of having a small 4 metre long wall on our boundary. As we are retired and our joints are retiring too, I wondered about making a double wall with soil between the two sections of wall, and plant bulbs and trailing plants like aubretia, making a raised bed that would save kneeling and be easy to maintain.

What are the optimum and the minimum widths I would need between the two sections of wall? What would be the best compost mix and any suggestions for flowers that ‘look after themselves’. Any other advice that might help would be appreciated.


  • Hi Tetley

    Thank you for going to the trouble of photographing the wall, it's great. Could you tell me how wide it I? Looks just what I had in mind.

  • Nice, Tetley!  Very impressed.image

  • Absolutely super Tetley Again thank you for your trouble.

    Thanks too Verdun loads of lovely choice for when it's finished.

    Many thanks to you both.




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