Prposed EC legislation to restrict availability of our seeds

Irene MacIrene Mac Posts: 23

I've been  reading about this very worrying legislation. Has anyone else posted about it. The Soil Association, Organic Gardening News, the Scottish Farmers association are all sounding alarm bells about us being able to get hold of seed, trading seed and keeping our own for the next year. This is back door politics that will affect all gardeners. Shocking please read.

Irene Mac



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    Someone else posted something about this last week-all conjecture at the moment

  • Don't want to get political, as this isn't the place for it, however, given the results in the local elections recently, plus the promise of a referendum were the conservatives to get into power, we might not be in the EEC for too much longer.  There appears to be a move, even with some senior politicians, to appear to be anti-europe in order to curry favour with voters.

    Will be interesting to see if we get the referendum we were promised (I live in Sheffield so remember Nick Clegg promising not to increase tuition fees!), and to see if Joe Public is as fed up of daft EEC meddling as we're supposed to be.

  • Irene MacIrene Mac Posts: 23

    Doesn't seem to be According to this lot 

    "On Monday May 6th a draconian new law was put before the European Commission, which creates new powers to classify and regulate all plant life anywhere in Europe......" they have links to two petitions. 

    Just very concerned. My friend in Greece who has an olive oil business, says it is now illegal for them to propagate or plant old types of tomatoes.  Beggars off to sign the petition as Brussels can keep their paws off my brussells!

    I don't know who to believe mummy muddy paws. Don't think I believe any of the politicians but I trust Avaaz .org to highlight issues that need close scrutiny and a bit pressure on politicians to sit up and do their job

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