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Acer P Taylor

I have an Acer P Taylor bought 3rs ago - yr 1 fine, last year leaves started coming out then it seemd to "freeze" and lacked leaves so moved it around garden hoping to find somewhere it liked, checked pot all seemd ok, but it never got full compliment of leaves - looked very sad all summer ( didn't we all?). It has now started coming out but with very few leaves again and they do not seem to be developing much - I know it's early but I live in West Sussex and weather has been pretty nice and warm and all my other (5 differnt) Acers are fine.

Any ideas what is wrong or what I can/should do, please?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,818

    Have you checked in its root ball for signs of vine weevil?  Curly maggoty things that eat the roots and gradually kill the plant.

    If you have them you can pick them all out and feed them to the birds then repot your acer and cross your fingers that it recovers.   If you're not organic there's a Provado product that kills them.  You might want to do a protective treatment on other susceptiible plants like heucheras.

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  • Jan ClarkJan Clark Posts: 3

    Oh thanks... I will have a look. I have moved it into a more sheltered spot facing South East and it has a few more leaves now. But still does not look like the other Acers just a bit sad. Try to be organic but sometimes fail (i.e nemotodes, rose clear) but use garlic water to help clear slugs as well!

    Have checked heucheras and they seem ok at the moment



  • Jan ClarkJan Clark Posts: 3

    No sign of any vine weevil grubs - turned whole thing out and now left with bald bare root ball and plant : o)  thinking of either planting out in garden - last chance saloon -or giving up and getting new one... All leaves have opened a little and the curled up ! not pretty or happy image((

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