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I thought you would all like to see my natural bee home that I have placed in the garden it seems to be very popular and I've attached some photographs for you to have look at. It is made from a 6 inch wide plastic soil pipe packed with bamboo cut to length, overall is about 8 inches long and hung using a piece of wire in a sunny spot getting shade for some of the day but out of the way of humans and animals.   It did not take long for the bees to move in, they arrived in early May and they seem to make themselves very much at home. I am hoping that this helps the bee population in general given the pressure that they are under and additionally benefits my garden with extra pollination to give more flowers and vegetables.   Has anyone else tried to encourage the bee population to expand into their garden?


  • Gardengirl..Gardengirl.. Posts: 4,134

    Hi benchy

    I was thinking of making a few bee and bug boxes, your looks great good to keep it out of the way as well - nice to know bee use them, we definitely need bee in our world for flowers and the veg

    I do grow lots of flowers for bees and have seen lots enjoying them try to make my garden bee friendly and for the wildlife around

    Hampshire Gardener
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