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New Petrol Strimmer Smoking



  • With the mixture already in the petrol tank, Should I add more unleaded to the mix?

    Thanks for the advice Derek.

  • I have used 2 stroke machines in my job for many years mainly disc cutters but we were instructed to start the machine and then operate it at full revs for one minute before using it, it may be that letting it idle is causing the smoke.

  • Weather held off. Managed to use it to its full potential. Smoke is not as bad now, vibrations when running the engine at full revs gets a little too much after a while.

    Overall, I enjoyed using it. The only part I hate is mixing and refueling the strimmer. Gets a little messy without a funnel.
  • Does it still working. I bought one from trueshopping and it packed in after two hours.

    The air filter was full of fuel and it hasn't started since.

    True shopping gave me a full refund though.

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