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agapanthus seedling

montomonto Posts: 3

can anyone advise please,I put my agapanthus  seedheads in a big polystyrene box

last year to keep them frostfree,put them in the shed,today took the lid off and WOW

I thought I had lots of maggots,but the  seeds had started  sprouting,they where

damp as well,but now what do I do with them.  thank you


  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    I can imagine your initial shock, maggots yuk!image I would pot them up in seed compost in 3" pots now, about 1/2" down. Stand the pots in water until compost has soaked it up, you can see when it's enough because the colour of the compost gets darker. Give them plenty of light and don't pot on until roots look out of the bottom of the pot. Agapanthus prefers to be a bit pot bound.

  • montomonto Posts: 3

    thank you swiss Sue, will do that to-day,I am amazed that  this happened,

    The poly boxes are what the chemist use to transport meds in,so I wont get rid now, I can do this every year cant I.

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