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Corkscrew willow - pushing up the daisies?!


I am a complete novice so I'm hoping someone can help!

I have a very small corkscrew willow in my back garden (about 8ft) which is attached to a trellis running up the fence.

I've only lived here two years (the willow was already in the back garden) and for the last two summers it was in full leaf. However this year there are absolutely no signs of it going to leaf - not even any buds. I have scraped away some bark at various points and it looks to be completely dead.

I had previously just left this tree to its own devices and it seemed happy enough so nothing has changed in my care of it. Do I assume it is completely dead? If so, I'm curious as to why it has died as I was very fond of this tree as it was a pretty feature in our small garden and my little girl misses the 'curly wurly tree'!

Also, if I was to buy a replacement, can anyone tell me roughly how much a small one might cost?

Thank you very much for reading. Any responses much appreciated!



  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Dear Broobit, I looked at your details to find out if you are further north than I, but it just says 'Adur' which I have never heard of. I am in the Fens, near Kings Lynn in Norfolk and I have just had a look at my twisted willow - I am assuming that is the same as a corkscrew willow - and though it has had a hard life (moved 10 years ago, fell over 3 years ago, now supported by a crutch) it allready has leaves about 1.5 cm long. I would wait another few weeks and make sure it is well watered, they are thirsty things, possibly give it a feed. My Campsis was very slow in starting one year and I gave it a general plant feed and it really improved.image

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