Lavender seeds won't germinate

My grandma got this mother's day box of lavender seeds with the soil and basket. I followed the instructions when planting, taking special care not to cover the seeds with too much soil. It just says that once the seeds are planted in the basket they should be left outside in the shade until they sprout, then put them in the sunlight and separate them once they get bigger, dispose of weak ones, and so-on.

I didn't have an outdoor space in the shade so I have them in my room on my chest of drawers in the shade because my bedroom is the most similar place in the house to outside. It's always cool but quite a stable temperature (never goes above 15 or below 10) and the window is almost always open but light still bounces around the room even though the curtains provide shade for the basket of planted seeds.

I've kept the soil moist but not soaking and two weeks later not a single seed has sprouted. Have I done something wrong that might not have been mentioned in the instructions?

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