Pruning Elaeagnus ebbingei

We have a large hedge in our garden that has been pruned to reclaim lots of lost space. over the last 15 years or so the hedge had grown to a height of about 5 metres and a width of 3-4 metres. Most of it has been pruned back leaving the main "trunks" some of which are 6 inches in diameter. many of these have been distorted by the wind and are consequently growing at an angle of about 30 degrees.

If we cut these back further to try to encourage new (vertical) growth will they survive?

Any advice gratefully received.




  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,798

    If your hedge is growing in a spot where exposure to the wind is such that the branches have been distorted, the likelihood is that any new growth will be distorted too. I do love the almost topiarised appearance of hedges that have been sculpted hard by the wind - do I take it you live on the coast?

    Eleagnus can cope with being cut hard back, but I'm not sure what useful purpose will be served to cut it back further than you have done already.  I believe that by this time next year it will have thrown out new growth and will be filling out nicely


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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,045

    We had one that we cut right back to the ground after a tree fell on it. Everthing was broken so nothing to lose. It grew away very well and looks good after 4, maybe 5 years

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