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Talkback: Late-summer flowers

perenials - help what do I do with them now, are they cut down in Aututmn or Spring and does this apply to grasses as well, thank u


  • Eremurus bulbs look a bit like baby octopii. The central bud should be just below ground level with the fleshy legs spread out around. In heavy soils it is a good idea to add some grit to help drainage.
    The simplest rule about most perennials is to cut them back when you have got bored of them. Some have fabulous seedheads and skeletal outlines than last through the winter, others quickly collapse into piles of mush. Most grasses come into their own in autumn so leave them to stand until Spring.
  • Betty - grasses such as Miscanthus look great over winter even when the stems go beige, it would be a shame to cut them down. Cut them back in spring
  • I am surprised not to see vebena bonariensis in the above list. The willowy stems and pretty purple flowers will bloom away well into autumn.
  • Verbena bonariensis should, indeed be on the list but I have sung its praises so many times before that I thought a change would be good!
  • Ah, well, that is understandable then. The trouble (pleasure) of gardening is that there are so many wonderful plants!
  • I've just bought 3 eremurus but don't know how to plant them.Do they go in lengthwise and at what depth? How far apart should they go?
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